As a Maintenance Agreement Customer you will receive the following benefits for a consecutive 12 month period:

  • 24 Hour emergency service – (812) 283-7221
  • A discount on all repairs.
  • One check up and cleaning for the cooling season and one check up and cleaning for the heating season.
  • The diagnostic fee will waived at all times (7 days a week).

Enjoy the benefits of professional air conditioning service from BJ Heating & Cooling

The rewards of a Maintenance Plan from BJ Heating & Cooling are immediate and ongoing, and let you enjoy refreshingly cool comfort with none of the work or worry.

Some of the benefits of seasonal inspection include:

  • Energy Savings – By optimizing airflow and keeping all components operating properly, the system achieves restored SEER, utilizing minimal energy every month
  • Fewer Repairs –  With timely troubleshooting, flaws within the system are caught and corrected before they result in malfunctions.
  • Extended Service Life –  Maintaining all components in factory condition prevents the wear and tear that leads to premature system failure.
  • Prevent Property Damage – Risks, such as excess humidity, leaks, and overflow, are addressed and resolved before extensive damage occurs.
  • Improved Air Quality –  When things like dust, pollen, mold, bugs, and decomposing rodents are concealed within the inner workings, bacteria may be introduced into the airstream, causing serious health risks.
  • Cost Savings –  A properly running system benefits from maximum airflow, allowing greater efficiency, and reducing cost of operation.
  • Greater Comfort –  A clean, well-adjusted system meets your expectations for precise and consistent temperature and humidity control no matter what the weather sends your way.
  • Emergency Service – The experienced specialists from BJ Heating & Cooling are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer those desperate times, outside of normal business hours, with the prompt, dependable assistance you need.