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Indoor air is more likely to be polluted than the air outside.  Taking steps to reduce exposure to harmful contaminants only makes sense.  The qualified specialists from BJ Heating & Cooling specialize in effective air quality solutions, providing informed recommendations and accurate installation of the right product for your specific situation.  Every home environment is unique, and we don’t rely on cookie-cutter answers to your concerns.  It isn’t about the sale.  We improve the health of your home through leading-edge techniques and effective strategies.

Solutions to Your Indoor Air Quality Issues

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, our technicians are trained, regularly updated, and well-versed in the most advanced and reliable products on the market today.  We complete organized, prompt, and rewarding installation of equipment that incorporates into your HVAC system, silently safeguarding your breathing air against pollutants.  Top-rated products, meticulous workmanship, and total dedication to customer satisfaction are your assurance of superior value from your investment.

Get expert services and products to improve your indoor air quality from BJ Heating & Cooling!

Established in 1984, we are extremely familiar with the challenges that face homeowners in Kentuckiana.  We’ve seen firsthand the consequences of poor air quality, including health issues, property damage, discomfort, and HVAC inefficiency and maintenance requirements.  By implementing effective products and services, we deliver long-term protection and rewards.  Contact us at (812) 283-7221 to speak to a knowledgeable representative of our staff, who will immediately focus our considerable resources on the resolution of your problem.  We are both active in and protective of our local community, and have tailored our business toward sustainable solutions to comfort, temperature control, energy efficiency, health, and safety. Homeowners throughout Jeffersonville, Charlestown, Sellersburg, Floyd Knobs, Clarksville, Henryville, Georgetown & Memphis have taken advantage of our level of commitment and breathe easier every day.  Many strive to offer our service, but there is only one true BJ Heating & Cooling.

Proven reliable solutions to air quality concerns include:

  • Air Cleaners –  When it’s time to get serious about the health and cleanliness of your indoor environment, you need to go beyond simple filtration.  Modern air purifiers effectively cleanse the air up to eight times an hour, trapping and killing bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and 95% of particles .30 to 1.0 microns in size.  For a comparison, a human hair is about 75 microns across.  These advanced systems work silently and tirelessly, cleaning up to 100 times more air than portable alternatives.  Patented Captures and Kills technology and a durable MERV 15 filter delivers unmatched germicidal capability, meeting the requirements of every sized household and installation space.  Air purifiers work even when heating/cooling is not called upon, need minimal maintenance, and ensure a healthy, more enjoyable environment.
  • UV Lamps – Bacteria, mold, and viruses find the perfect environment in which to flourish in the inner workings of your cooling system.  These contaminants are then readily available to enter breathing air every time conditioning is activated.  Germicidal UV lights virtually eliminate the need for chemical coil cleaning.  Utilizing the natural sunlight as a prototype, these effective units, penetrate and disrupt the DNA of microorganisms, destroying them before they are introduced into your airstream.  The simple installation of a UV lamp protects your HVAC system from inefficiency caused by the buildup of contaminants, promoting maximum airflow and minimizing wear and tear.  Working silently and tucked out of sight, germicidal UV lamps reduce airborne bioaerosols by fifty percent in less than an hour.