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Heat Pumps Repairs & Installation

An air-source heat pump warms and cools air using electricity rather than burning fuel. These systems are extremely efficient, and according to the US Department of Energy, supply nearly double the energy they consume. They operate by absorbing warmth from the atmosphere, multiplying it, and then transferring it. BJ Heating & Cooling provides precision heat pump installationn, timely maintenance, and lasting repairs, ensuring reliable and rewarding performance from your heat pump.

For heat pump service, repairs, and installations, Call The Experts You Can Trust at BJ Heating & Cooling!

Our experienced, licensed technicians properly size and custom design your system to answer your unique requirements, meeting your heating and cooling needs for year round comfort and satisfaction. We take the time to familiarize you with operation, ensuring you enjoy premium return for your investment. These sophisticated systems require specialized implementation to avoid energy waste, malfunctions, and premature failure.

Some of the many advantages of the installation of a modern heat pump include:

  • Provides both heating & cooling capability
  • Less expensive to operate than a system fueled by natural gas
  • Does not generate dry air when heating
  • Eliminates temperature swings associated with other systems
  • Quiet operation
  • Add value to your home
  • Safer to run than systems based on combustion
  • Long service life
  • Eliminates hot surfaces that can harm children or pets

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